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With a vision towards a greener world, Statiq offers India's Largest EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Network. It has developed one its kinds smart chargers for EVs. These chargers are IOT enabled, bookable, digitally payable and capable of load balancing and can charge an average Indian electric car in 3 hours (3X faster than home charging!). Their cost-efficient smart public charging infrastructure is powered by a AI based mobile app. This cleantech startup has already provided 2000+ EV charging sessions and installed more than 150 charging stations in India.

Founder’s Words

India is home to some of the most air polluted cities in the world and vehicular pollution accounts for 40% of this. EV charging remains a bottleneck for EV adoption. So, we decided to build e-mobility solutions that can accelerate the growth of EV adoption in developing economies like India.

Big Wins
Raised an undisclosed amount of funding in June 2020 Amongst top 3 Tech Startups at NTLF 2020 Nominated for GSI awards 2020
  • Akshit Bansal Chief Executive Officer
  • Raghav Arora Chief Technology Officer
Founded 2020

Currently incubated by NASSCOM 10,000 Startups, Gurgaon Warehouse